About The Clean Platter

The Clean Platter is a food blog!  That much should be obvious by the header, I hope.  This blog takes its inspiration and title from “The Clean Platter”, a poem by Ogden Nash.  I reproduced it in full in this blog’s very first entry.  In this blog, you will find recipes, advice, and stories – as well as an inexhaustible larder of horrible puns and ridiculous projects.

Hiya, folks!

I’m David Rheinstrom!  I’m a Chicagoan in my early twenties who makes educational language games for a living.  I also maintain an admittedly anachronistic but nonetheless passionate interest in radio theater.  In addition to cooking and writing, I also enjoy film, music, gardening, and, thanks to my girlfriend, I have developed a burgeoning interest in cats.

7 thoughts on “About The Clean Platter

  1. Lovely to make your acquaintance – Your Thai Red Curry Mac’n’Cheese brought me over and I am so pleased it did. You have some wonderful inspiring recipes here. Off to explore a little more.

  2. Welcome, Shaheen! I’m pleased that you’ve already tried out some of my recipes and found them to your liking.

    I’m glad to have you. I also take requests!


  3. Hello, David–I just found your post about Alton Brown’s implosion in Cedar Rapids last fall. I posted something but I guess you were no longer accepting comments about it. Anyway, thank you for curing me of my AB addiction–as of yesterday I am no longer a fan. Thank you!

    1. NAB – Weird! I’m definitely still accepting comments; I’m sorry if I accidentally deleted yours or something! How’d you stumble upon the blog? Sometimes I have weird upsurges of traffic when I get reposted on Reddit.


  4. Hi I was so sorry to read about Alton Brown. I saw him last week on a Thanksgiving special. He seemed mean, jealous, maybe a little drunk. He picked on Giada til he kind of yelled at him. I bet pepin would be great. He was great friends with Julia child. I met her at a book signing and she was WONDERFUL. I’ve gone to two book signings and a lecture presentation, Ina was great. A dear sweet person and a great cook. Julia Child signed her book. Keep Cooking. And I have. She was a real dame. Best, Tom Flinn.

  5. Dear David, acknowledging the joyful & infectious food blogger that you are, I want to also make note of your exceptional take on the Alton Brown visit to the library in Cedar Rapids IA. I’d been getting an uncomfortable feeling from him over the years, and was so sadly disappointed when that was confirmed – not only by your blog of 9/18/11 – but also by many of the follow-up replies from others. Yes, I know, we mustn’t put our “heroes” on pedestals, but by pronouncing himself a Christian and bible devotee (ad nauseam), he reeks of hypocrisy. You were disappointed in him, and I was, too (still am, as he hasn’t changed). Your blog wasn’t unkind, and neither were your replies to others – well done! Thank you for the intelligent, honest & diplomatic discourse.

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