Kitchen Axioms

The more I write, the more arbitrary rules I seem to make up. This page houses the ever-growing lists of Kitchen Axioms, David’s Guide to Living in a Recession tips, and whatever else seems to come up. Updated as I come up with more.

David’s Kitchen Axioms:

No. 1: Do as I say, not as I have only partially done.

No. 2: Hands over spoons. Always.

No. 3: When in doubt, improvise.

No. 4: Improvise all you like, but mind your crucial details. Also, learn from my mistakes. Please.

No. 5: With a little imagination, anything can be a quesadilla.

No. 6: Be frugal, not stupid.

No. 7: Taste, taste, and taste again.

No. 8: A roux burns the moment you ignore it.

No. 9: Always know where your towel is.  And then make sure it’s under your cutting board.

David’s Guide to Living in a Recession:

Tip #1: If you must order takeout, do what you can to improve it at home without incurring greater cost on yourself.

Tip #2: Buy it in bulk (within reason)

Tip #3: Process it yourself.

Tip #4: The effort it takes to generate one meal can be redirected into easily making others.

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