Aioli Chicken (for the Bonacchi Chianti Borgo Antico)

A quick procedural note: this entry will begin a series of recipes commissioned by my friends Margaret and Raffi, who run the Ohio arm of an Italian wine distribution company.  They gave me and Carolyn a rather staggering quantity of wine, and in return, I’m going to write a series of recipes that pair eachContinue reading “Aioli Chicken (for the Bonacchi Chianti Borgo Antico)”

The Taste of Disillusionment

or An advanced lecture in alienating your audience. I’m in Iowa. I won’t be by the time I post this, but, for now, as I write this, I’m in Iowa. Cedar Rapids, to be precise – the second-largest city in the state. It’s about four hours west of Chicago, and my cousin Beth invited meContinue reading “The Taste of Disillusionment”

Housekeeping, and a new series!

I’m going to be starting a series on Mexican food, which I’ll be crossposting over at my friend Mercedes’ travel blog; she and her father have given me a list of mexican foods to try making at home. Stay tuned for those posts; sometime in the next week or so I’ll try making homemade cornContinue reading “Housekeeping, and a new series!”


So this is what the blogosphere looks like from the inside. Hello, everyone. I’m David Rheinstrom, and I now present to you The Clean Platter. This blog will play host to a number of food-related topics – essays, restaurant reviews, culinary experiments gone horribly awry – and non-food-related topics too numerous, more than likely, toContinue reading “Introductions.”