or, Preparing for the End Times the Tastiest Way I Know! Probably you are tired of this by now, but I’m not: WINTER IS COMING. A gorgeous and long-awaited fall has graced Chicago, and consequently I am girding up for winter’s terrible onset.  Actually, I’m excited.  Carolyn is terrified, and already misses summer.  I scoffContinue reading “Spaghettigeddon”

The Taste of Disillusionment

or An advanced lecture in alienating your audience. I’m in Iowa. I won’t be by the time I post this, but, for now, as I write this, I’m in Iowa. Cedar Rapids, to be precise – the second-largest city in the state. It’s about four hours west of Chicago, and my cousin Beth invited meContinue reading “The Taste of Disillusionment”

A Paean to Pea.

It was at Volo in Roscoe Village where Carolyn and I beheld an exceedingly awkward first date: he was a public servant, she was a Tea Party equity manager. He smiled at her blandly, steering the conversation away from politics in an attempt to be civil. She, upon learning that he worked for the government,Continue reading “A Paean to Pea.”

Pizza Day, Part Three: Getting Saucy, and other pursuits

First, a musing on the balance of flavors: Pizzas are, generally, pretty robust affairs; it’s a rare one that I’ve made that trades on subtleties.  I wouldn’t call myself a subtle cook – if cooking were painting, I’d cook in big, wet, Post-Impressionist brushstrokes.  A recipe calls for two garlic cloves?  I’ll use four.  HalfContinue reading “Pizza Day, Part Three: Getting Saucy, and other pursuits”

Morning-After Fish-and-Mussel Soup

Now, I trust you kept hold of that mussel broth, like I asked you to in the last entry.  This is one of those fridge-emptier recipes, one of those “Oh, damn it, what am I going to do with all this ingredient x” standbys. Often, after having confronted a tasty bowl of mussels in aContinue reading “Morning-After Fish-and-Mussel Soup”

That’s right, this IS a food blog.

I mean, not entirely.  But if I’m going to call it a food blog, then by crumpets I’d better start writing about food again. So, to the question of the week: What do you do with sixteen pounds of pork shoulder? The answer is: EVERYTHING.  But of course, freeze it. We’ll get into how IContinue reading “That’s right, this IS a food blog.”

Applied Quesadilla Theory

I have definitely laid this down in print somewhere else. David’s Kitchen Axiom No. 5: With a little imagination, anything can be a quesadilla. And I mean it. Given tortillas, grease, and heat, anything in your kitchen can be made into a delightful quesadilla! But wait, you say. David, doesn’t quesadilla just mean ‘little cheesyContinue reading “Applied Quesadilla Theory”

A Slice of Heaven, Part 1

Pizza is the single most divisive culinary concept in American society. Not the proper construction of Philly cheesesteak sandwiches, not whether or not to put ketchup on your all-beef hot dog (the answer is ‘not’, if you were wondering.), not whether or not to serve pretzels with cheese or with mustard or whatever. No, America.Continue reading “A Slice of Heaven, Part 1”