It came!

May 18, 2011

Oh, frabjous day!

Calloo, etc.

I ordered this lil’ jobbie last week.  This showed up on our stoop this afternoon, weighing about as much as the child my neighbor just gave birth to – an even eight pounds.  (Happy birthday, Ingrid!  Congratulations, Heather and James!)

Up there was the classic Clean Platter Comparison Lemon, for scale.  This thing is large.  What is it, though?

You're dying to find out, I bet.

It’s 1200 pages.  The frigging thing is enormous.

I cannot believe I threw out this bubble wrap without popping it.  WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME.  What kind of man have I become?

It could conquer Tokyo.

I apologize  for this, er, bookish striptease.  Wait.  No I don't.

IT IS THE PROFESSIONAL CHEF – the handbook of The Culinary Institute of America, eighth edition.  And now it is mine.

That's a pretty big lemon, but it's also an ENORMOUS book.

They say you don’t need to go to culinary school if you own this book.  Let’s find out, I suppose!


3 Responses to “It came!”

  1. […] second main heading in the professional cook’s handbook I purchased a few weeks ago is “World Cuisines”, which is designed to familiarize the culinary […]

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