A Quick Note on Quesadillas

I’ve been taking tons of photos and writing entries long-hand in my notebook.  So there are more entries to come in this blog.


But I’d like to give some attention to Martha Rose Shulman’s latest entry in her Recipes for Health for the New York Times: that’s right.  Quesadillas.  As you probably do not remember, several years ago, I instituted my Kitchen Axiom Number Five: With a little imagination, anything can be a quesadilla.

It’s been borne out for me over the past set of years, but it’s always nice to see someone say, in print, “Quesadillas make a great destination for leftovers.”  Creative use of your leftovers is sensible, frugal, and sometimes unexpectedly rewarding.  Of course, everything I could say about quesadillas could be said about fried rice.  But that’s another entry.


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