We have home-brew!

48 bottles of beer in my basement; 48 bottles of beer...

A fuller post to come; I’m spending this Independence Day weekend with my friends Rafa and Becca.  They’re coming up here to celebrate the Fourth of July, and I probably won’t be blogging much until after the weekend.

But I bottled it!  I bottled the beer, a process which was laborious, messy, and fun.  The floor of the kitchen ended up coated with a thin film of beer, which I then spent the next several hours mopping.

You may call me Grand High Poobah and Chief Bottle-Washer

But I’ve got beer!  I brewed it, I bottled it, I even tasted some!

I felt so cool, siphoning beer out of a giant plastic bucket into a mug.  Made me feel like... like a man. 

And, holy crap, it tastes like beer!  It’s not really and truly Ready To Drink yet, because I have to let it condition/bottle-carbonate for a week (I added some more sugar.  I’ll explain later).

But as for the taste, it’s pretty much exactly how I hoped it would turn out: it’s crisp, citrusy.  Wheaty!  I rate it a success, ladies and gentlemen, and that’s when I tried it it warm and mostly flat.

And I’ve got 48 bottles of it.  You comin’ over?

Bottles seen here, doing Janelle Monae's "Tightrope" dance

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