An immense, comma-shaped storm struck Northwest Indiana and Southwest Michigan on Friday afternoon, thwacking the region with 70 mph winds for a brief but terrible several hours.  Just shy of 100,000 homes lost power, though nearly all of them have power again now; myself, I regained power only at around 3 AM this morning.

Wasn’t good.  Compounding the ungoodness was the arrival of my parents, who brought with them a lot of perishable food; we had figured that power would be restored in a matter of hours.  We were wrong.  It was hot and uncomfortable, and we had to keep running out to buy ice to stuff coolers and the freezer with coldness.

That said, I got a lot done with my parents here!  I did most of the major planting in the garden (post to come), I cleaned up a good portion of the house with Mom, and I… *snif* this is almost painful to say:

I cooked the rest of the pork roast.  Remember that IMMENSE hunk of meat from a few entries ago?  I only bought it about two weeks ago, and had it in the freezer.  I got about six or seven separate dishes out of it, I’d say, and the way in which I’ve been preparing pretty much all of it (long, slow braising or simmering) tends to cook out most of the water and break down the collagen in it, and that takes out a goodly portion of the weight; I’d say, of the 16 pounds of pork I started with, I ended up with 6-8 pounds of cooked meat.  But the point still is that I have a crap-ton of carnitas in my fridge.  Yeah, that recipe will come, too, along with recipes for mango salsa and a fairly basic guacamole.

With power finally restored this morning, I celebrated by baking some French bread in my (BRAND NEW) oven (! post to come about it later); I brought a loaf over to one of my across-the-street neighbors as a gesture of hello-I-am-living-near-you-ness, and she, in return, granted me the privilege of using her compost!  I have not yet built my enormous, terrifyingly wonderful PICKLE BARREL COMPOSTER (see this post).  I happily took her up on her offer; I think that probably means I have to give her more loaves of bread, but I’m perfectly okay with that.

Beach Glass Count – 120 pieces!

I don’t really feel like saying anything else of substance today, because I’m really tired – I started clearing out another part of the basement, I did some gardening, and I drove nails into wood today, just like a grown-up would.  I also even sawed something.  Very briefly.  It made me feel exceptionally manly.  Again, very briefly.

But hey! Let me tempt you with photographs of blog entries to come!

Thai red curry!


Newly-installed magnetic knife rack!


A morning walk to (and along) the beach!




CARNITAS (and its attendants, Guacamole and Mango Salsa).  Oh my god I think you will like this recipe.  (Note to my fellow would-be food photographers: shoot in natural light as often as possible!)


4 thoughts on “Juiced.

  1. Having heard a lot about that magnetic knife strip… it looks pretty impressive in action. Although also a little serial-killery.

    Are you picking up shards of beach glass due to collecting urges, for some future art project, to prevent people from steppping on them, or other?

    1. I think it’s because I chose to put up the picture where I had the cleaver on there, which I no longer do.

      The beach glass is for collecting-urges; it’s the means by which I am measuring my stay here. It also makes a fine conversation piece.

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