Once I get the basement squeaky-clean (which, I think, will take a mop), I’ll begin making my homebrew.

But I checked out the Shoreline Brewery and Restaurant on Wabash St., here in Michigan City, because they’ve got a homebrew shop.  I don’t have any empty bottles yet, and though I’ll probably buy a six-pack or two of beer in the next couple of weeks, I know I won’t have enough to bottle 5 gallons of beer, so I might need to buy some empties from them (although I’m sure I could convince my neighbors to save their empty bottles for me instead of putting them in the recycling bins.).

But during my visit, I had a nice chat with Tiffany, the woman who was running the homebrew shop; she invited me to come out tonight to meet a bunch of the local homebrewing crew, who get together at the brewery to talk shop and hang out every week or so.  I might make some friends out here!  Is my status as a hermit threatened?  (Does that really bother me?)


5 thoughts on “Brewery-business

  1. hi, this may sound weird but I talked to you on omegle a couple of weeks ago. You told me about your book and tried to give me advice about what to do with my life haha. Just wanted to let you know this is a good blog! And keep writing! -melissa

    1. Welcome, Melissa! Thanks for reading and commenting, and I hope my advice didn’t come off sounding patronizing or irritating. Part of the joys of this blog is that it’s collaborative! If you have a suggestion or a question about something I should do or have done, leave a comment and I’ll write an entry about it.


  2. No, it wasn’t irritating or patronizing! I think you should post some snippets of your book, to get a reader-reaction to see if it will be successful! I also saw that you are gardening now too, another task?! I don’t know how you do it.

    1. I do it by not having a regular-people job, is how! I wake up at 6 AM, I go for a walk, I work, I read, and by 2 PM, I’ve got time to work on house projects in case I get tired of doing my regular work.

      Maaaaaybe I’ll post novel excerpts. Maybe. That’s not a bad idea, but I need to get back to writing the damned thing first.

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